Why Offline Marketing Doesn’t Work

For many contractors, the eternal hunt for leads has often felt like a massive dead end. For those who are stuck in the past… well, things often seem a bit bleak.

You may have your regulars, you’ve got word-of-mouth, but there’s no way to aggressively expand.

With each new form of marketing you try out the whole thing just looks worse and worse. You spend more and more money… to get no return.

The answer to this?

Offline marketing simply doesn’t work in the modern environment. With everyone glued to their phones, computers, and tablets… you’re not going to get the reach of even the simplest of offline marketing.

Let’s talk about why offline marketing simply doesn’t work in the modern age, especially for roofing and solar contractors.

Print Media is Dead

Print media may still work to keep brand awareness high for those who are involved in retail.


For contractors and others it’s a dead-end. Few people buy magazines anymore and even fewer find themselves handling a newspaper.

Yet time and time again I’ve seen contractors try to go down this nebulous route.

Print is the simplest to explain: print media has virtually zero reach, let alone to your target audience.

For some contractors the workaround is brochures, but chances are those beautifully printed fliers(that you had to pay to have designed… and then pay to have printed) end up in the nearest trash can as soon as your back is turned.

Or even before it is. People don’t like to be hassled and this method is probably even less effective than running ads in the phone book or a local newspaper.

Video Killed the Radio Star

The radio used to be a good way to get your name out there. Now… think about the last time you grabbed an old AM/FM and really listened.

Even in the height of the medium people often found the advertisements between shows or songs to just be annoyances. It’s a matter of people selectively learning to tune out all but the catchiest of radio advertisements.

There’s a complete lack of accountability as well. You have no idea how many people heard your ad at all, let alone those who need your services.

In the old days, with enough repetition and a good hook you might be able to come to the forefront of the minds of those who need shingles done or a new solar panel. These days you’d be hard pressed to find anyone using a radio at all, and if they are they’re likely on the XM frequency.

Even in cars that captive audience is dropping off. No matter how old the jalopy is there’s a way to hook up your smartphone.

On top of that, television killed off the home listening of most people.

All of this adds up to an unknown, but small, reach and an increasingly irrelevant medium that is hardly worth investing in.

Television is Dying As Well

More and more people are cutting off their television services entirely in favor of streaming services.

On top of that, the metrics of the commercial are virtually unreadable to most. You might be able to get a rough amount of viewers, but how many left for a smoke or went to the kitchen to get a drink during the commercials?

For most, commercials have become an annoyance. A clever marketing team may net a few leads, but is it really worth the expense of a full TV commercial?

It just… doesn’t work anymore. In the past you may have been able to get an effect but it’s essentially unmeasurable in the end.

Television commercials rely on repetition as well. That means even more money sunk into a medium which may or may not net you an eventual return.

With modern digital marketing techniques all of these metrics are measurable, you know the exact effect you’re having on your audience and it can be done for a fraction of the cost of just a few TV spots.

People do still watch their televisions, don’t get me wrong,

But when was the last time you watched a local commercial and remembered it?

Most of these are formed with either a freelance crew or lampooned when the contractor takes things into their own hands. It’s not worth the expense, time spent in video production, or anything else in the end and you have no way of knowing just how effective the ad was.

Don’t Bother With Door to Door Advertising

Alright. I’ll give you this one: if you’re a pillar of the local community, well known, and don’t waste people’s time you may get some results here.

Anyone else is just going to irritate all of those around them. 

It’s not a winning proposition for anyone involved. You’re angering those you bother, you’re wasting your own time, and all of those nice business cards you handed out are probably going in the trash.

The occasional odd-duck may decide to keep the card and call you but it’s a question of time and effort spent versus the amount of leads you get in the end and it’s simply not worth the time.

The New Way

Fortunately, in the modern world there are a ton of different ways to gain some increased reach.

The best way to get leads?

Get your ads in front of the people who need them right now.

There are a lot of ways to do this, but many of them have their own problems.

There’s definitely a great way to get ahead however: targeted social media advertising is the most cost-effective and time-effective ways to gain customers these days.

And I’ve proven it time and time again through years of experience working with roofing and solar contractors.

But do you really want to deal with shady marketing agencies with questionable reputations. Marketers market, after all, and framing things so that people want them is exactly what they do.

Why not learn to create an automated system yourself?

Or you could be happy with your business at it’s current level.

If so, keep doing what you’re doing.

I’ve helped many roofers and solar contractors reach explosive, predictable growth by handling automated systems for leads.

My history in this realm speaks for itself, with many case studies and glowing reviews in my past.

But I can’t help everyone achieve their dreams.

So, I decided to teach others to reach theirs by finally revealing the automated system which I’ve developed.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard work.

But so is:

  • Creating print ads
  • Handing out brochures
  • Recording a radio ad
  • Filming for a TV commercial
  • Knocking on doors

So if you’re ready to get the leads that your company needs to achieve its true potential I have an offer for you.

Check out my free course and see exactly how and why my system has worked for many others in your exact position.

Isn’t it time to shine?

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