Traditional Roofers vs. Next Level Roofers

When it comes to generating leads for your roofing business, it can be hard to know which tactic is the best.

The age-old battle of traditional versus new techniques in advertising was often fraught with peril.

When the radio came around… those who embraced it succeeded.

The same thing happened with TV.

Just a few years ago simply having a website often gave you an immeasurable advantage over those who didn’t. They were missing every Google search.

With each generation there were those who stood firm. The old way had worked for so long that there seemed to be no need to keep going. They often fell in sales, or fell entirely. The old oak gets cut first after all.

There’s no reason to take an axe to the knee. The face of digital advertising is more than just filling out some forms and getting Yelp reviews. It’s more than hitting Angie’s list and taking a huge hit to your wallet.

I have your armored kneepads right here, the way to hit the modern world by storm and bring in leads. And it can even be done predictably.

So, let’s talk about the difference between the old school roofer and the new breed.

Failures in Word-of-Mouth

There’s one big problem with roof of mouth when it comes to roofing and solar.

People forget.

There’s a smaller problem as well.

Outside of the industry someone you did magnificent work for and praised you to heavens might never, ever run into someone who needs your services. At best they’ll leave a glowing review on Yelp or Google Business but even that’s not a guarantee.

A good reputation is paramount in any business. Many industries still pull in a ton of their business through word-of-mouth. Chances are pretty good that a lot of your business comes through the person-to-person channel.

And that’s awesome. That’s something you should rely on.

But if you’re looking to expand your business it’s often not enough.

Traditional Advertising Fails

Radio was effective… when it was the only medium.

People naturally began to switch to broadcast when television made it on the scene. That was effective, it allowed the contractor to reach a wide audience and provide visuals. The biggest problem with TV is simple: you have no way to measure its effectiveness.

You also have to remember that in our current climate, “cutting the cord” is a thing as well. Your target audience?

They may never see the ad at all.

These mediums were excellent for the time they came into being, but currently they’re lacking.

Moving Into Digital Marketing

Digital marketing means many things to many people.For some it’s just a website. Maybe a few Google AdWords advertising methods. Perhaps a disastrous attempt at SEO is in your past, having been promised a big win but coming up empty handed in the end.

But even those methods are rapidly becoming dated.

The Problem With Third Parties

Many contractors have found themselves trying to keep up with third party advertising services like Angie’s List.

Sounds great in theory: when someone needs roofing or solar work done you’ll be right there, front and center for any local in need of your services. You just pay per lead.

In practice, these services have already fallen short for many.

What do you need in a lead?

  • Intention to Purchase-These services work quite well for that, those leads which come your way already have shown intention. These aren’t cold or warm leads, they’re hot. They’re looking specifically for your services.

  • Low Cost- The leads need to be low enough in cost for you to be able to make a profit, even if not every lead makes a purchase, which also has to be calculated. Most of the time you’ll be covered here.
  • Exclusivity-This is where these services fall short by a large margin. You aren’t the only person who’s getting these leads and that’s terrible for your chances of scoring a new client. The lead you’re paying for? It’s also going to everyone else in the industry.

Many contractors have already found that they’re looking down the barrel of a loaded gun here. Non-exclusive leads are harmful if you’re paying for them unless you’re willing to engage in a bidding war with every other contractor listed.

That’s a major problem.

But, how can you attain the reach you need and get exclusive leads? There’s a way, and that’s what I do.

How the Next Level Roofer Operates

In order to beat out the competition, you’ll need to make sure that you’re able to be in front of your customers when they need you.

More than that, they need to be exclusive and trackable so you’ll know the exact metrics behind each lead. 

Do you know your current cost-per-lead? 

How many new customers you can reliably expect to show up in your list?

Which keywords and demographics to target?

How each of your ads is performing?

Facebook advertising allows all of this, on auto-pilot with the right systems in place.

It’s also remarkably opaque to those without the expertise, but it’s a great system that allows you to keep track of all of the data. The problem for most lies with all of the fine tuning involved.

Facebook is less competitive than platforms like Google, where anyone with a half-working knowledge of computer systems can throw their hat in the pool of PPC and SEO. They’re both great tactics for generating leads still, but they’re not the end-all, be-all of advertising.

So, it’s less competitive, more targeted, and easier to automate.

Does that sound too good to be true? It does to most.

Outsourcing to the right person is hard as well. Are they going to take your money and run? Will they even be effective in the first place?

Why not learn how to use my tested and proven system for yourself?

Because the truth is that you know the problems facing your company better than anyone, you just need some training. Rather than hiring an outside agency who is likely a generalist company, serving all industries as long as they get their paycheck, you can learn to do this marketing in-house.

It’s a pretty simple concept and one which can easily drive you to the next level provided you’re willing to put in the work.

Even better, with the right tools there’s virtually no manual labor involved.

Are You Ready to Be A Next Level Roofer?

The world of digital marketing is a fast moving one, but if you’re able to keep abreast of the current problems in the industry and learn how to use my easy, automated system you’ll find your business growing quickly and predictably.

I work with roofers and those in the solar industry so that they can learn to do this for themselves.

If you’re ready to be part of the new breed of roofer and to achieve success you’ve only dreamed about you’re in the right place.

My goal is to help those in the roofing and solar industry escape the constant cycle of shady marketers and inefficient methods.

If you think you’re ready why not sign up for my free training today so you can start to get a taste of what becoming one of the next level roofer is truly capable of.

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