The NEW Way To Get Exclusive Solar Leads And Customers In 2020.

We make sure that all solar leads are 100% exclusive to YOU and generated under YOUR Brand! This is how you scale your business to that NEXT LEVEL in 2020!

STOP Using Lead Generation Sites And Pay-Per-Lead Services!

Here's a story for you about Austin Miller, President PES Solar from Florida (see video testimonial below). They had been struggling for years with lead generation websites, offline marketing methods and underperforming marketing agencies. They were surviving making lower 7-figures per year. They were desperate for a solution that would help them take their business to that NEXT LEVEL and expand across their entire state! 

"Before we started working with Max we made lower 7-figures. Within the first 90 days after we started working with Max we were pumping out 8-figures. Had to hire another 10 sales guys!" - Austin Miller, PES Solar

Austin was tired of low-quality and duplicate solar leads from leads generation  websites such as HomeAdvisor. He also found it difficult to gain any momentum from GoogleAds & SEO since the competition there was so high. The results generated from local marketing agencies didn't impress him, he reached out to one of the most successful roofing contractors in Florida (Noland's Roofing Inc) for guidance.

Greg Noland, President of Noland's Roofing recommended that Austin would test and Facebook advertising...

Why You Need Facebook & Social Media Marketing

Austin Miller decided to jump off the fence feet first and implement the LeadsRoofing online sales system together with a predictable Facebook advertising campaign. The results? Well, they grew their business from low 7-figures to 8-figures within the first three months. He had to hire another ten sales guys just to keep up with the demand. They have been able to distribute their high-quality branding videos using social media paid advertising instead of using expensive TV & Radio commercials. They have been expanded territory all over Florida and completely scaled their solar business with exclusive, high-quality solar leads generated under their own brand and website!

"We've expanded territory all over the state, Max and has completely scaled our business! There's no doubt in my mind that you should give Max a call!" - Austin Miller, PES Solar

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If you want to learn exactly how Austin Miller and PES Solar grew their business so quickly by using social media marketing...

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Our clients are some of the fastest-growing roofing and solar companies in the United States, and we have helped them gain choke holds in their respective markets online using Facebook advertising.

If you are interested in starting to generate high quality leads and customers for your solar business with Facebook then this is for YOU!

Exclusive, High-Quality & Branded Solar Leads

Exclusive Solar Leads

We make sure that all solar leads generated are 100% exclusive to YOU! By advertising on social media you'll also be able to build your brand simultaneously! This is how you SCALE in 2020!

Qualified & Reliable

All solar leads generated are REAL homeowners in your area that are "in-market" for solar panels. They request a free estimate with Name, email, address & phone number!

Delivered Real-Time

Our online sales system is automated with Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Automation. This means that you receive all solar leads in real-time, directly into your phone and email!


Step One: Solar Online Sales System

Before you ever start advertising online on social media under your own brand and website, you need an automated online sales system in place. You need a proven process that will handle all the traffic you feed it and convert it to new leads and customers. The beautiful thing about online sales system in 202 is that you automate it. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning combined with marketing automation is like having the fire-power of a 20 person advertising team working in-house for your business, but it's all handled by computers. Powerful!


Step Two: Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is the future of advertising as we know it. Facebook has over 247 million monthly ACTIVE users only in North America, it's insane! Everyone is walking around with their noses down the phones all day. On average global internet users spent 2 hours and 23 minutes on social media per day (source). The average US adult will spend 3 hours, 43 minutes on mobile devices (source). This is the exact reason WHY you must master social media marketing in 2020 if you want to scale your business to that NEXT LEVEL!


Step Three: Branding On Social Media 

The best thing about social media is that we can distribute video branding material easily and cheaply! For just a couple of cents on the dollar you can get qualified and quality real views! By branding on social media with high-quality videos, your conversion rates will skyrocket! Simply because homeowners in your area will start to trust and like you and your business!

What our customers are saying:


From Low 7-Figures To 8-Figures in 90 Days!

We went from low 7-figures to 8-figures within the first three months of working with Max. Contracts are just flying in left and right! If anybody out there wants to scale their solar business, increase the lead flow or learn more about social media marketing, no doubt in my mind, you should give Max a call!

AUSTIN MILLER  //  President, PES Solar

75% Savings For The Cost Per Lead!

Max has changed our company! Our sales ratios went way up. He can truly get you people that need a roof and are shopping for a roof. these leads make our job a lot simpler! I highly recommend that you sign up with Max and use him because it will help your business tremendously!

GREG NOLAND  //  President, Noland's Roofing Inc

How To Generate Solar Leads Under Your Own Brand!

Imagine having an automated online sales system setup for your solar business that advertises and brings in solar leads 24/7/365. You set it up once and then you own it forever. No more need for shady marketing agencies that charge you thousands of dollars in management fees and generate leads from third-party platforms. You want to own your online sales system so that you're GUARANTEED exclusive leads that simultaneously builds your brand on the social media platforms. 

"If you're on the fence working with Max, you better jump off the fence because the rate Max having us grow we're probably going to be in your area very soon!"Austin Miller, PES Solar

Marketing Automation Has Changed The Game

What we can do with today's modern technology is insane. You don't need a big in-house marketing team doing all the work for you. All you need a laptop connected to an online sales system to do the work for you. This is how you gain the fire-power of a twenty-person marketing team, but it's 100% handled by computers. You can automate the online ads, the targeting, converting traffic into leads, converting leads into customers, putting people into the CRM, following up with leads, sending out confirmation emails and SMS texts, etc. The possibilities are endless and if you want to succeed online in 2020, generate high-quality leads and expand territory all across your state, you better implement Marketing automation systems!

The Secret To Scaling Your Solar Business In 2020!

So you want to scale your solar business in 2020? Good! I'll give you one of the most powerful secrets I've learned the past 3 years only working together with 8-figure roofing and solar contractors crush it online on social media.

The first thing you need is a proven and automated online sales system. Next, you need high-quality traffic coming into that system and convert into leads and ultimately new customers. Right now Facebook advertising provides the best traffic source for residential roofing and solar jobs (retail & insurance). The final thing you need to master is branding, a lot of people forget about branding! Sharing high-quality "good-will" branding videos on social media will dramatically increase your sales conversions! For the simple reason that homeowners will start to like and trust you before they ever do business with you!

"Our leads has not only increased tremendously but we've also seen a 75% savings of the cost per lead! These leads are real home owners actively looking for our services."Justin Shelton, Noland's Roofing

If you're ready to scale your solar business to that next level in 2020, I have some good news for you. We just released a free training sharing exactly how Austin Miller scaled his solar company from low 7-figures to 8-figures in the first three months by utilizing Facebook advertising, social media, and marketing automation together with our proven online sales system.

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