Skip the Third Parties!

For many roofers the dawn of the digital age has brought some confusion.

And the truth is that things are going to continue to move this way for some time. The internet isn’t going anywhere, and that means leveraging digital marketing becomes more essential with each passing year.

It’s not always to sort through the quagmire. There seems to be an endless array of options available, each requiring a somewhat specialized skill set.

Or you can skip it and pop on Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor and watch the leads roll in. Or, at least that’s the train of thought that many follow.

Sounds Great on Paper

These services promise to bring leads right to you. No additional work on your part once your profile is up, you can even set your own budget.

In an ideal world, each of those leads would pay off for you.

All of this by signing up for a website or two, something which even the least tech-savvy can do. Fill out a form and boom the customers are clamoring to come to your doorstep. You’re paying for each lead and chances are that you know your market well enough that you can sell the customer. Even upsell them if you’ve got the salesmanship.

Acting as gigantic aggregators of contractors, you’re assured each lead is at least warm if not outright hot.

Do these websites live up to their promise?

You probably already know they don’t.

Non-Exclusivity Leads to Window Shoppers

Instead, third party sites send those nice and hot leads to everyone in your area.

By their very nature the people using these services are looking for bargains. On the consumer side they’re a great deal: pay nothing to find every contractor in your area who’s signed up.

That would be fine if every lead you paid for ended in a good chance of a sale.

So, when a bargain hunter calls you up, you still pay for quoting them a price. Chances are that you’re not a cut-rate contractor if you’re here, if you’re willing to undercut the competition and lower prices to the point you’re almost losing money on sales… third party websites are a great deal.

If not… you already know about the failure of these sites for roofing and solar contractors who aren’t willing to cut corners or barely make enough to cover overhead on jobs.

The problem here is that the leads you pay for are non-exclusive. They’re going to a number of contractors in your area and bringing you into direct competition with everyone else.

Do you really want to pay for the customer who just wants a quote so they can compare it to a third rate hack when all they’re looking for is cheap work?

Absolutely not.

You’re just shooting yourself in the foot at that point.

Are you willing to pay extra to shoot to the top of the list just to end up losing a ton of money as the advertising bills mount up and you only get calls from people shopping around?

Third party websites naturally put you into competition with everyone else while not offering exclusivity on the leads.

You don’t pay per sale, you pay for every cheapskate in the area who’s willing to pay less for shoddy work.

If you don’t want to end up in a bidding war then you’re in between a rock and a hard place.

So… why bother spending the money? As many great roofing and solar contractors have found, the site often turns into a money pit.

But is there a better way?

Enter Marketing Automation

Everyone has a Facebook account these days. According to the raw numbers more than half of the people in the US have a Facebook account.

What if I told you that through the use of a mostly automated system you could bring in red hot leads on a consistent basis.

Even better?

All of these leads are exclusive to you. These are your leads, not something being thrown to you just to satisfy the budget of a company who only wants to take your money and has no care for your business.

Through Facebook advertising and the right knowledge it’s completely attainable. Once set up these systems require little time on a daily basis. You don’t need a dedicated marketer constantly fine tuning the details.

That’s all well and good, but it probably requires a dual degree in marketing and computer science right?

Absolutely not, anyone can be taught to set up these systems.

For years now I’ve used my proven system to consistently generate leads for roofing and solar contractors. And, in the interest of helping those in the industry, I’ve created a course for you to learn how to do it yourself.

And the leads end up being cheaper and higher converting than those which can be found almost any other way.

Bold Claims Backed By Evidence

I’ve been working to generate leads for those in the roofing and solar industry exclusively for quite some time. The clients I’ve helped and the subsequent increase in revenue often leaves them stunned.

But I can’t do it for everyone. The truth is, you need only look over my history to know that my course is based only on things which worked in the real world.

Things which are helping contractors expand on a regular basis in the real world. Making more sales with excellent leads.

More than that, the system is consistent. You can control the fine details once you know how in order to ensure that you’re still able to offer the best customer service available to those you work with.

By getting your ads in front of the right people, at the right time, you can build the business of your dreams. It’s perfectly attainable if you’re willing to put in the work.

Still not convinced?

Check out the free portion of my course today and you’ll learn just how and why the system works with no investment. 

Free of cost and readily available, unlike the leads you’ve been hunting for.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to give it a shot?

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