The Problems With SEO and PPC for Roofing and Solar Contractors

Many contractors in the roofing and solar industries rely on Google for their digital marketing campaigns.

After all, the titan search engine is used by pretty much everyone on the internet. Smartphones, computers, tablets, no matter what someone is using to search for services they’re probably on Google.

AdWords in and of itself should be able to produce massive revenue, right? It sticks out at the top of Google.

And search engine optimization efforts will tell you it’s the best way to bring in traffic in the world. Get the coveted top spot on Google’s natural rankings and you’re looking at a serious amount of leads.

However, both of these techniques tend to be problematic for contractors. Let’s take a more in-depth look at why.

Problem #1: Everyone is on Google

Let’s face it, anyone with a bit of knowledge can run AdWords campaigns. They may be more or less effective, but in the roofing and solar industry the required keywords aren’t rocket science.

You might be able to get some sneaky long tail keywords in there that your competition doesn’t, but you’re still going to be competing with everyone in the area who’s running a digital marketing campaign.

SEO doesn’t make things much better. It’s a long-known, well-honed tactic and it will favor whoever has the best SEO specialist backing them. It could be you… or it could be someone else. There are some other problems with SEO we’ll discuss in a moment.

Google is great, but it’s not quite what it’s cracked up to be.

Every agency that works primarily with Google will sing it’s praises, but if competition is high in your area you may be looking at a long, uphill battle.

Problem #2: Many People Ignore PPC Ads

Many people buying roofing services these days grew up on the internet.

In addition to tech-savvy, they’ve also learned to filter out advertising in much the same way you might decide to go make a sandwich when the television switches to commercials. They’re labeled as “ads” and many younger people will inherently distrust them.

Those same younger people… well, most aren’t so young anymore. An entire generation has grown up on the internet and is of the right age to be looking at roofing or solar contracting services.

So, you miss out on a large segment of potential buyers simply because they don’t “see” your ad when they make a Google search for what you provide.

Problem #3: AdWords is Easy to Access

That sounds like a good thing doesn’t it?

And really, setting up a PPC account with Google and starting a campaign can be figured out from scratch in an afternoon by most people. There’s a limited amount of space for ad copy so it’s hard to differentiate between the ads.

Just set it up, pay for clicks, and draw in leads right?

That ease of access also means anyone who’s realized offline marketing methods are starting to fall flat can start it as their own digital marketing campaign.

Problem #4: SEO is Highly Specialized

Unless your company is absolutely enormous, you probably haven’t on-boarded an SEO expert. For good reason too: most people with an advanced SEO skill set work in the marketing field and are rarely interested in working in-house for a contractor.

It also means the skills of any given SEO expert can be suspect. Since most people don’t understand it you might end up with a rank amateur who just knows “keywords rank.” Even worse, some agencies operate in the realm of the last decade and they can do things which actively hurt your rankings.

There are no real qualifications or certificates in the field. There is no such thing as a “licensed SEO expert.” Google rarely even acknowledges that SEO is a thing.

But even the best SEO wizard can’t overcome our next problem.

Problem #5: SEO Takes Time

How much time?

An excellent specialist will show results in around three months. Are you willing to pay for that long before you begin to see results?

Due to the amount of time it takes to get it all together, you can end up paying someone for no results.

The best sign an SEO specialist is sketchy?

They promise results within a specific amount of time. The truth is that even an excellent SEO specialist can be outranked by a better one. It’s a highly competitive field, with experts constantly clashing.

Problem #6: Google Hates SEO

Google’s algorithm is a complex, ever-changing leviathan of code. During a big update, or even a small one, rankings can shift drastically.

Google doesn’t like direct SEO. Any time a new tactic shows up which proves to be dominant but not helpful to the end user it will inevitably get shut down. A good SEO specialist is agile enough to deal with these things, you might lose some rankings but be able to gain them back once the necessary changes are made.

It’s enough of a problem for people in the field, but what about you?

That means leads generated through organic search results are volatile which isn’t a word you want to see when it comes to your marketing campaigns.

If you’re doing things yourself and aren’t a wizard in the field, you might never recover. There are tons of tutorials out there which can teach you about backlinks and desirable content but without constant field experience they can become outdated overnight.

Literally overnight. It even happens to SEO experts.

Enough Problems, Let’s Talk Solutions

As you can see Google advertising is both too easy and too hard for most people to get great results.

So what’s the solution?

Mine was to bring roofing and solar contractors into a less competitive market: Facebook.

Facebook lends itself well to extremely specialized advertisements. More than that, the market is less competitive. It’s not easy but it’s not as time consuming or volatile as SEO or as highly saturated as AdWords.

Facebook wants your advertising to succeed. The social media giant is heavily underused by roofing and solar contractors and the techniques which bring you to the forefront of a potential customer’s mind are actively supported.

The right knowledge, combined with automated systems put in place through things like CRM software can create an incredible amount of potential leads.

It’s also scalable without additional work. Once the automated system has been put in place it’s just a matter of changing a few variables to reach more people, with no additional manual effort on your part except for the stunning amount of work you’ll be receiving.

More than that, however, with the right knowledge you can actually predict just how many leads you’ll be bringing in, how often they’ll convert, and generate a consistent, predictable stream of customers to allow for planned expansion.

This isn’t theory, by the way, I’ve been helping roofing and solar contractors for years and my results speak for themselves. The thing is this: I can’t help everyone out there so I’ve decided to offer my system for lead generation which has been working for others like you for quite some time.

As a next level roofer you can avoid the pitfalls and problems inherent in the heavily competitive Google market.

I’ve decided to offer a free training course to let you decide for yourself. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak.

If you think you’re ready for consistent, scalable results then why don’t you dig your heels in and try my free opening course before you decide if you want to invest. The only thing stopping you, in the end, is you.

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