How To Get Roofing Or Solar Customers – 3 Ways To Get Exclusive Leads

Do you want more roofing or solar leads and customers? You have to figure out social media marketing in 2020 if you want to thrive and expand your business. Lead generation websites and offline marketing methods does not work anymore, google is very competitive and most marketing agencies don’t deliver what they promise. What’s the solution? Moving over to Facebook and social media marketing together with an automated sales system! That's how you scale your roofing business in 2020! Click the button below for more information!

Here’s what we cover
  • Why you need to setup a Facebook business manager
  • What a cold & warm traffic campaign is
  • ActiveCampaign CRM using Marketing Automation


About Max Perzon

Hey guys, Max Perzon here and if you've never seen me before, I help both roofing and solar contractors to get more leads and customers by advertising on Facebook and social media together with our online sales system! If you want to learn more about, make sure to watch our FREE Training!