The NEW Way To Get Exclusive Roofing Leads And Customers In 2020.

Start generating exclusive and high-quality roofing leads under your own brand and website that will scale your business to that next level! 

STOP Using HomeAdvisor, Door Knocking & Call Centres!

So you’ve tried HomeAdvisor, Google Ads, SEO, TV & Radio Commercials, Magazines, Billboards, Direct Mail, Call Centres, etc… 

You’re tired on all of them because:

  • - HomeAdvisor is not what it used to be before 2012 in the “ServiceMagic Days.” Now the leads are expensive, and they are sold to up to five different contractors. Yikes! 
  • - Google Ads & SEO, the competition is tough here in the roofing industry. Every roofing business has an SEO agency hired, and they do PPC. Because of that, the prices are literally “through-the-roof”!

We all know that HomeAdvisor is not what it used to be prior to 2012 when they were called "ServiceMagic". Now days the leads are Expensive, Duplicate and of Low-Quality!

  • - TV & Radio Commercials, first of all, it’s old-school and still costly. But the worst thing about it is that you can’t track the ROI. You’ve no idea how much you pay per new lead or acquired customer. 
  • - Magazines, Billboards & Direct mail (Print), same thing here, you can’t track anything. You’ve no idea what the return on investment is. Not the best alternative in 2019.
  • - Call Centres, yeah… who likes to be sold over the phone nowadays? It’s almost as bad as door-knocking! 

The solution? 

Facebook & Social Media Marketing Is The Future!

The solution is a predictable advertising system on the Facebook advertising platform instead.

Why Facebook?

Simple, the competition here is much lower than on Google. The lead quality is excellent and the prices much lower! 

I just released a FREE Training sharing *exactly* how we helped a roofing company in Florida reduce their Cost-Per-Lead with 87% in 90 days using Facebook advertising.

If you want to generate high-quality and exclusive leads for your roofing business, you need an automated online sales system in place together with Social Media Marketing!

FREE Training Reveals:

  • - The Automated Online Sales System 
  • - The Secret AI Facebook Advertising Method 
  • - How To Build Your Brand With Social Media

Our clients are some of the fastest growing roofing and solar companies in the United States, and we have helped them gain choke holds in their respective markets online using Facebook advertising.

If you are interested in starting to generate high quality leads and customers for your roofing or solar business with Facebook then this is for YOU!

Exclusive & Qualified Real-Time Roofing Leads

Exclusive Roofing Leads

We show you how to generate 100% exclusive roofing leads under your own brand and website. This is how you scale to that NEXT LEVEL!

Qualified & Reliable

We advertise to real home owners in your area that are actively searching for your roofing services! All leads are qualified and exclusive to YOU!

Delivered Real Time

You receive the leads in real time directly into your CRM and phone. All leads are 100% fresh and the follow-up process is completely automated!


Step One: Automated Online Sales System

The most important thing you need in place for your roofing business is an online sales system. Before you ever start to generate leads and traffic to your website you need a system in place that will convert them into paying customers. With today's technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and Marketing Automation, it's easier than ever! 


Step Two: Social Media Advertising 

The truth is that the competition on Google right now for the roofing industry is very high. Everyone is doing Google SEO or PPC. Because of that its popularity, it's very competitive, expensive and it takes time to get results. By moving over to Facebook and Instagram, we escape the competition and can start generating higher quality leads for cheaper prices simultaneously as we build our brand using videos!


Step Three: Social Media Branding

The coolest thing about social media is that we can mix direct response advertising campaigns together with branding campaigns. It used to be very expensive to do branding using TV & Radio, however nowadays it's cheaper and 1000x more powerful than ever before! Giving the homeowners in your area a chance to get to know you before you ever try to sell them anything is a game changer! High-quality branding videos shared on social media with paid campaigns will increase your conversion rates and scale your business to that next level!

What our customers are saying:

75% Savings For The Cost Per Lead!

Max has changed our company! Our sales ratios went way up. He can truly get you people that need a roof and are shopping for a roof. these leads make our job a lot simpler! I highly recommend that you sign up with Max and use him, because it will help your business tremendously!

GREG NOLAND  //  President, Noland's Roofing Inc


From Low 7-Figures To 8-Figures in 90 Days!

Before we started working with Max we were pumping out lower 7-figures. Within the first 3 months of working with Max, we were pumping out 8-figures, very good results! I had to hire ten new sales guys just to keep up with the new leads! We've expanded territory all over the state, Max has completely scaled our business!

AUSTIN MILLER  //  President, PES Solar

Advice For Roofers Struggling To Get Leads & Customers

Are you a roofer struggling to get high-quality leads?

I bet you’re tired of HomeAdvisor, Offline marketing methods and underperforming marketing agencies.

Here’s my advice:

Hi, my name is Max Perzon and I recently helped a roofer reduce his lead cost with 90% and grow his company from $14M/year to $27/y in under 3 years.

If you want exclusive, high-quality leads for a fraction of your current cost, this is what I recommend for you: 

1). Escape The Competition - Dominate On Facebook:

HomeAdvisor is not what it used to be prior to 2012 in the “ServiceMagic days, now the leads are expensive and duplicate. Google SEO and PPC is ultra-competitive in the roofing industry becoming more expensive all the time and offline marketing methods does not evolve in our new online environment. Why struggle with all this competition? Facebook has almost NO competition, higher-quality leads for cheaper prices. This is where you can dominate if you have the right tools!

2). Automate, Automate & Automate - Enter MarketingAutomation:

It’s 2019 and we can automate almost everything with computers, it’s amazing! Marketing automation runs the advertising for you, serving ads, generating leads, placing leads into the CRM, following up with leads, sending out confirmation emails and text messages to the home-owners and your sales reps. It saves you time, makes your business more efficient and creates a better user experience for your customers. This is how you get a competitive advantage, take your business to that next level and have a lot of fun in the process!

3). Achieve Omnipresence - Appear Everywhere With Retargeting:

What if you could appear everywhere, all the time online for the home-owners in your area? Do you think that would help you build your brand awareness, build trust, generate more leads and customers? Well guess what, you can do all these things when someone hits your website or Facebook page just once, you can “retarget” them all day, every day with online advertisements, this is how you become Top-Of-Mind and their #1 choice of roofer. This is how you win!

If you want to scale your roofing business to that next level you must have a proven and predictable system in place to generate leads, conduct appointments and convert people into paying customers.

Start Generating High-Quality Roofing Leads TODAY!

Are you currently advertising on Facebook with MarketingAutomation and Retargeting?

The truth is that if you’re not your business has less than 6-months left before it gets totally wiped out and dominated by the roofers who do.

The world is changing and there is no place in this world for “old school offline roofers” anymore. A new breed of roofing contractor has emerged and is powering through taking your customers and eating your lunch.

If you don’t change your ways you will get wiped out. However if you want to change your ways and join the winning side of roofers in this new marketplace…

I Have Good News!

I just put together a free training which shows you exactly how Facebook advertising, Marketing automation and retargeting works AND how you can get started using it TODAY.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  1. How to generate high-quality roofing leads with Facebook
  2. How to generate appointments on demands 24/7/365 with predictability
  3. How to convert appointments into high paying customers without penny-pinching and endless follow up games of cat and mouse.

This free training has helped multiple roofing companies across the nation to scale their businesses to that next level and has the power and potential to do the same for you. 

It’s a new world out there today and I can give you the tools to fight off this new breed of roofers who have been terrorizing your income - however - if you don’t do anything about it please remember in 6 months time when you’re wiped out and humiliated that I did warn you.

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