Roofer Reduced Lead Cost With 90% Increased Revenue With $13 Million


In this video I'm going to show you how we helped a roofing contractor to reduce their lead cost with 90% and grew their yearly total revenue with $13 Million in less than three years. They used to spend $50.000 per month on advertising, paying $130 per duplicate lead. Now three years later they spend less than $20.000 per month on advertising, generating higher-quality and exclusive leads for $10-$15 each. Pretty cool transformation if you ask me!

Here's what we cover: 

  • Why offline marketing methods fail
  • The automated system 8-figure roofing contractors use
  • The difference between offline & online marketing
  • The best advertising platform in the world for roofers
  • How you can get started TODAY


About Max Perzon

Hey guys, Max Perzon here and if you've never seen me before, I help both roofing and solar contractors to get more leads and customers by advertising on Facebook and social media together with our online sales system! If you want to learn more about, make sure to watch our FREE Training!