Justin Shelton From Noland’s Roofing Testimonial

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Meet Justin Shelton, Vice President of Noland's Roofing, Inc.

Nationally recognized as one of the Top 100 Roofing Contractors over the last 5 years in a row.

Justin started working with me 682 days ago.

Back then they were spending more than $50k/mo on advertising.

They had tried almost every lead service you can.

Most of them were really bad, some even fraudulent...

Justin and Greg Noland (President Noland's Roofing) decided to test my service.

Moving over to the Facebook advertising platform instead.

Started out spending $3,500/mo.

The results?

Rapid growth and expansion all over their state.

Now they spend more than $20k/mo.


They receive enough exclusive leads to give their 42 salesmen more than 2 each per day.

And their sales ratios have increased tremendously.

2016 Noland's Roofing made $14M in total revenue (according to Roofing Contractor)

Last year they made close to $27M in total revenue. (according to Roofing Contractor)

That’s an impressive 200% growth.

Are you curious to see if we can help you scale, too?

I just created a video sharing THE exact system Justin and Greg are currently using.

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Do You Need Even More Proof?

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