How To Get Exclusive Roofing & Solar Contractor Leads – The Truth No One Tells You

Do you know about the secret the advertising agencies doesn’t tell you? They give a “great” deal, promising exclusive leads and you only have to pay-per-lead. It might sound great at first, but you soon find out that it’s not a lot better than HomeAdvisor and all of those other platforms… The reason why it’s flawed is because you’re not doing the advertising under your own brand and website, you’re simply buying “cold” leads. If you want to scale things to that next level, you have to learn how to do the advertising under your own brand. You want to mix cold traffic ads with branding content on social media, this is the secret they won’t tell you! For more information click the button below

This is what we cover:
  • Why you shouldn’t buy “exclusive” leads from vendors.
  • How to generate leads under your OWN brand
  • The reason why it’s “easier than you think”
  • Get seen & known! If they don’t know you, they won’t flow you!


About Max Perzon

Hey guys, Max Perzon here and if you've never seen me before, I help both roofing and solar contractors to get more leads and customers by advertising on Facebook and social media together with our online sales system! If you want to learn more about, make sure to watch our FREE Training!