Hiring Shady Marketing Companies vs. Building a Dedicated In-House Team

It’s every roofer’s nightmare: trying to decide whether to hire a marketing agency or not. After all, marketing agencies have a(fairly well deserved) bad reputation.

Whether it’s a fly-by-night “SEO” company who just takes your money, posts blogs for a few months and disappears or the dreaded “marketing whiz” who’s endless sources of new advertising never seems to go anywhere it can be hard to trust them.

In-house teams, on the other hand, are often seen as an unnecessary expense in the face of mounting costs of marketing.

So, which do you go with?

Marketing Agencies-The Good and the Bad

Finding the right marketing agency for your business can be hard.

Is a professional marketer going to deliver results? Are their techniques conducive to your business?

The truth is that most digital marketers take all comers. They’re working with lawyers, doctors, contractors, and whoever else might pay them for their services. These generalists can be effective, but they may not deeply understand the roofing and solar industries.

The best of the best will take the time to do marketing research specific to your industry and come up with a comprehensive approach to the roofing market. They can be worth their weight in gold… and they know it.

While they may be effective at bringing in leads you’ll quickly find that each lead also ends up costing you a good out-of-pocket expense. Unless you’re lucky enough to hook a truly gifted amateur before they realize how good they are you’re going to end up with a high cost per lead… and a lot of leads.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing if you can afford to fit it into your marketing budget and are willing to take the hit in exchange for a substantial increase in business.

On the other hand, there are plenty of grifters willing to part you from your money with little to no results. This is especially common if you’re primarily relying on SEO to bring in business but it can be found in most types of digital marketing. Flashy presentations, a comprehensive explanation of how they only generated four leads for a thousand dollars, and a lot of marketing jargon are their hallmarks.

Little better than con-men, their bread and butter comes from those who simply don’t understand the digital marketing world.

Most marketers fall in between these categories. Not every marketer is a two-faced liar who’s going to run with your money, but they’re not all going to be great either.

In-House Marketing

In-house teams can often be seen as an unnecessary expense. After all, these are people on the payroll who aren’t in trucks actively making you money day-in and day-out. Some contractors question their ability to find a good marketer.

But, the truth is, that even a mediocre marketer who understands the industry will net pretty good results.

They may not be banging nails all day but they’ll be able to bring in plenty of customers for those who are and that’s the key to being able to expand your business. After all, without any clients you’re going to be left high and dry no matter how good the people in the field are.

Truthfully, for most roofers an in-house team with proper training is the way to go. Onboarding someone with a Bachelor’s in marketing and not training them isn’t the best idea, but if you train them well in the industry you should be able to make them more valuable than their paycheck.

The best approach, however, is to already have the marketing systems in place when you bring them in and then train them in the industry. Of course, it’s a junk approach if your marketing systems aren’t great in the first place.

It doesn’t have to be an endless crapshoot, however, as an effective automated system which just needs management will net results as long as the marketer you bring into the fold can handle them.

The real question for roofers with the budget to hire a team, then, is how to put the systems in place.

Successful Components of a Proprietary Marketing System

Successful marketing isn’t chance, no matter what some would have you believe. Instead, it’s a system with different components.

If an impact hammer or nail gun only worked by chance you’d be out of a job. It’s best to think of a marketing campaign as a tool. With the right basis, you’ll be in good hands but if you’re not looking in the right places you’ll never find it.

A good system will leave you will leave you with the following qualities:

  • It Works-Politely speaking, if your marketing isn’t drawing in leads… it’s bunk and needs to be re-tooled from the ground up.

  • Repeatable-When you utilize your system, it should bring in results. Each time you fire it off, otherwise something is faulty on the above basis. Something which only works 50% of the time is pretty much worthless in most realms, why should marketing be different?

  • Sustainable-One-off gimmick ads might seem great in the beginning, but the novelty will soon wear off on your potential clients which means they’re not sustainable. A good system needs to be able to be in place for as long as necessary.

  • Scalable-There are a lot of great, hands-on ways to bring in sales leads, but how far can you reach with them. If you have a sterling reputation and leaving cards under windshields works… how many man hours will it take to canvas your town? Your county? Your state? A good system should be scalable on a nigh-infinite basis without requiring tons of manpower.

  • Consistent-Much like repeatability but a bit different. You need a system which generates not only works every time but brings in consistent results, in doing so you can plan for thr growth of your company without constant bust-boom cycles of new leads.

Sounds like a lot doesn’t it?

It doesn’t have to be.

The Next Level Roofer Marketing System

I’ve been helping those in the roofing and solar industries get clients for years, both bringing in large numbers of “hot” leads and assisting with automated systems that are directly scalable with minimal management.

I think my record speaks for itself.

The roofing industry is my specialty, I’m not a generalist like most of the digital marketers you’ll find.

Lowering costs per lead and generating leads on a predictable and consistent basis has always been my MO and I think my reputation speaks for itself. I’ve been able to consistently generate leads at lower costs, on a consistent basis, and with minimal interference.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but plenty of my clients can tell you: it simply works.

If you’re willing to put in the work up front then you might just be ready to create an in-house team and bypass all the sketchy selection process contractors often have to deal with in finding the right marketer or agency to fit their needs.

Interested? Check out my free training and see if you’re not ready to take your business to the heights you originally dreamed of.

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